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The eclipse over the Azalor Realm, art work

The world of Azalor

The eternal eclipse has descended upon Azalor

Dive into the corrupted depths of Azalor, a realm once prosperous, now plunged into the darkness of an endless eclipse. Like sleepwalkers, villagers find themselves drawn to these dark dungeons and undergo a strange mutation, transforming them into corrupted creatures. But not all succumb. Some stand against this threat. Are you one of them? Will you fight against the Chaos?

Call of Dungeons Hero cards and their class cards


Unique and Complementary Heroes

In Call of Dungeons, the four heroes you can play (the Warrior, the Thief, the Mystic, and the Rune Master) have class cards that grant them unique skills. Their strategic complementarity is crucial for progressing through the dungeons. Each hero evolves and strengthens with experience, gaining new class cards. Leveling up occurs mid-game, transcending the heroes in epic moments.

A game of Call of Dungeons, with tiles, miniatures and dice

Modern Game System

Play Solo or with Friends in Ever-Changing Dungeons

Call of Dungeons provides a standalone and dynamic gaming experience, with no need for a game master. Heroes use energy points to perform actions, while all tests are resolved through quick six-sided dice rolls. In semi-random dungeons that are constantly evolving and full of surprises, your heroes are immersed in a tactical adventure that's renewed with each game.

Call of Dungeons Threat cards (front and back)

Threat Cards

Every turn, unexpected challenges arise, complicating the heroes' progress

The tension is constant: Threat cards revealed during exploration trigger unexpected events and strategic twists.
Occasionally, secondary objectives emerge, offering additional progression opportunities for the heroes.

Call of Dungeons Opponent cards

A Miniature-Agnostic Game

Enemies Each Unique and Distinctive

A dungeon is nothing without its inhabitants! In the depths of Azalor lurk the worst creatures spawned by Chaos: Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Skeletons... up to the terrifying Chaos Sorcerer accompanied by his formidable Warriors.
As you may understand, these archetypes are very classic, enabling you to easily find the appropriate miniatures in your personal collection.

Call of Dungeons Quest cards

Modular Quests

Countless hours of gameplay with the 5 provided quests

Games of Call of Dungeons are defined by Quest cards. These cards determine not only the dungeon's layout and its bestiary but also specific victory conditions. Each of the five provided quests offers a different challenge and increasing difficulty.

Breathe new life into your miniatures and brave the dangers of Azalor's dungeons

Download the PDF instantly after your purchase. Print and cut out all components of the game, gather your minis and your dice, and play!

Call of Dungeons Discord screenshot and newsletter example


Join our party of Adventurers and fight against Chaos!

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